Products and services

Quality and innovative solutions of our products meet the requirements and needs of clients in the field of smart metering.

Meter&Control's portfolio covers all components of AMM system:

  • smart meters,
  • data concentrators,
  • communication and switching modules,
  • AMM software,
  • software for local meter readout and parameterization.

  • Beside development and production of all mentioned products, Meter&Control is the first private accredited and authorized control body for verification of electricity meters in Serbia.

    Meter&Control's smart electricity meters, as basic devices in the system, meet the requirements of international and national standards (IEC, EN, SRPS, DIN) related to meters. All types of meters have a national type approval and most of the types have international MID certificate.

    The range of our products meets the requirements at all measuring and electricity exchange levels: production, transmission and distribution.
    All products have been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

    All Meter&Control's meters can be delivered with or without communication and switching modules so they can be applicable in different power supply networks depending on level of modernization of the network.

    AMM system provides a two-way communication between the AMM center and measuring devices of any category of electricity consumers: residential, commercial or industrial users. The system enables supervision and collection of data from meters, as well as consumption management. The communication with meters is realized through a low voltage distribution network (using PLC technology) or through a GSM/GPRS network.

    Our software solutions enable collection and processing of data provided by the meter and configuring of meter parameters.