ST310 three phase modular smart meter for commercial users

ST310 is MID certified electronic meter intended for measurement of active and reactive energy in the commercial applications.

It is modular meter with replaceable GPRS or PLC communication modem pluged-in under terminal cover. Remote communication with the meter is also possible via RS 485 port.

Load and billing profiles, Energy quality measurements, Maximum demand values recorded by this meter provide essential input data neccessary for billing, detailed analytics and network optimization calculations.

Replacable switching module (for direct meters) placed under terminal cover allows complex load management, while fraud detection makes this meter safe and reliable.
Local communication with the meter is provided via optical port.

Accuracy classes:
  • A, B and C for active energy,
  • 2 or 3 for reactive energy (optional).

  • All functionalities of ST310 are implemented in accordance with relevant standards:
  • DLMS,
  • M-Bus,
  • IEC 62052-11,
  • EN 50470-1,3,
  • ISO 9001:2008,
  • IEC 62053-21, 22, 23...

  • ST310 is avaiilable in direct or transformer connection (CT or CT/VT).