Meter verification

Meter&Control offers the service of electricity meter verification.
Meter&Control is the first private accredited and authorized control body for verification of electricity meters in Serbia.

The authorized control body OM 010 is an independent entity within the Meter&Control d.o.o. Belgrade.

The control body has been accredited by the Serbian accreditation body since 28 April 2011, accreditation number 06-063. The act of accreditation (certificate), confirms that the body meets the requirements of the SRPS ISO/IEC 17020:2002 standard, which means that the body has the necessary competences to control electricity meters within the accreditation scope as a C type control organization.

The Decision issued by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development as of 7 July 2011 authorizes the control body to perform the activities related to the verification of electricity meters, as the first Serbian authorized body in this field.

The control body approves all types of electronic and induction meters for active and reactive electric power, namely: single-phase and three-phase, for direct connection, as well as for semi-direct and indirect connection.