COMET – Software of the AMM center

CoMet is software in AMM (Advanced Meter Management) Centre intended for remote reading, parameterization and management of AMM devices (electronic meters, data concentrators and communication modules).

Beside automatic execution, these functionalities can be instantly executed upon operator's request. Depending on the access rights, the operator can create necessary reports and can realize administration of complete AMM system.

CoMet processes and stores the collected data in its database. The complete history of communication with the AMM devices and actions executed by the operator are also memorized.

In communication with the AMM devices Comet uses Web service method, DLMS / COSEM and IP protocol.
Also, CoMet provides Web service interface to other business applications of the user's information system (MDM, Billing, CRM, SAP, GIS ...).
AMM Centre software consists of Web Server applications, relation databases and data exchange service. Operators access the AMM Center software through the Web Server applications using standard Web browsers.