ST300 - AMM ready smart meter for commercial users

ST300 is the electronic meter intended for direct or transformer connection to the three-phase electrical network and measurement of active and reactive electric energy and power in commercial applications. The meter can also be used in single-phase electrical network. All functionalities of ST300 meter are implemented in accordance with the relevant standards: IEC, EN, VDEW, M-bus, DLMS...

Using the available ports: Port A (for connection with the AMM center) and Port B (for connection of the switching module, only for ST300 for direct connection), the meter is ready for integration in the AMM system (AMM ready).

AMM system integration of the meter, is to be realized by simply adding a communication module under the terminal cover. For ST300 intended for direct connection on electrical network there is port B for connection of and switching module. There is separate places with appropriate dimensions for placing of communication as well as switching modules below the meter terminal cover. Connection of these modules is done through standardized electrical ports (Port A and Port B).

By connection of the communication module (PLUG IN) to the electric port A, the meter is integrated in the AMM system. Connection of the switching module (bi-stabile switch) on the port B, which is realized according to the M-bus standard, enables the function of consumption management, for direct connected meters.