Residential meters

Modern requirements in the field of electricity measuring for category of residential customers (housholds) includes also measuring of reactive energy, as well as a variety of advanced functionalities allowing a high quality of consumption analysis. This is due large differences in character of consumption comparing to earlier times because today residential customers have much more complex devices which are connected on power network.

New generation of modular residential meter (type ST100) has been manufactured according to a state of art technology, applicable standards in this field and modern functional trends. It’s hardware and software characteristics, as well as a large number of functionalities, make it ready for integration into the AMM/MDM system (AMM ready). ST100 is modular type meter with replaceable communication and switching modules. Such concept supports This electricity distribution companies to have step-by-step strategy in flexible implementation of the AMM system (in the first stage to install the meters and then, in the second stage to upgrade them with connection of communication and/or switching modules depending on the current needs and possibilities).

During implementation of such strategy ST100 which works as stand-alone meters during first stage, do not have to be replaced, but they can be easily integrated in the AMM system by simply adding a communication module to the electric interface. Moreover, in case of changes in communication technology and protocol, the requirements of the new technology can be easily met by changing of the modem, while the meter remains functional on the metering site. The meter is also provided with an interface for adding of a switching module (switch) for consumption management (ST100 for direct connection)) and remote disconnection/connection of consumers.