AMM system

AMM system is used for collection, storing and processing of data directly from meters, or through data concentrators (depending on implemented technology), as well as consumption management. Application of open standards and protocols allows interoperability of different manufacturers of system components.

Components of the AMM system:
  • Electricity meters,
  • Communication modules,
  • Switching modules,
  • Data concentrators,
  • AMM center (hardware and software).

  • Ilustration of the AMM system

    Benefits of AMM system implementation:

    For electricity distribution companies:

  • Reduction of technical and non-technical - commercial losses (frauds, unauthorized consumption of electricity)
  • Reduction of labor expenses (automated meter reading, automated disconnection/connection of customers)
  • Increasing of operational efficiency of electricity distribution companies, detection of power supply interruption, alarms on tamper events)
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Increasing of electrical power stability by “ironing” of peaks of consumptions through client’s consumption management
  • Increasing of “green energy“ consumption
  • Better disconnection/connection planning during maintenance works on power facilities
  • Better inputs for planning of electricity production, continuous production
  • Satisfied consumers

  • Traders (distributors of electricity):

  • Higher bill collection rate
  • Availability of reading at any moment allowing more flexible collection periods

  • Clients:

  • Bills based on real consumption
  • Simple change of distributor after the process of market liberalization